Vegan, Vino, Vici!

Ask away...   I love food, I love wine and I love being vegan.

    If you’ve never been to Mohawk Bend in Echo Park, you are seriously missing out on not only some great food, but a potentially very fun night. The boy and I made the trip over last week and walked into a pleasantly surprising bustling spot with a live instrumental / ska band. The band played up on a tiny balcony and it was joyful to listen to (with no lyrics so you don’t have to scream over someone else’s voice). 

    While Mohawak Bend is not a vegan restaurant per se it’s menu is filled with vegan options clearly marked. We ordered the buffalo cauliflower, a very interesting and healthy take on buffalo wings and washed them down with a few glasses of PARENTAL ADVISORY: “Horny Devil” beer.

    We then indulged in a couple of homemade veggie burgers which were served with a fresh pickles and some coleslaw. The burgers were pretty difficult to eat but at that point it was the last thing on our minds, especially when we saw the photo booth in the corner.

    I cannot wait to go back and try more menu items as well as their Sunday brunch

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